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Our Playschool classes run 3 hours per day, 5 days per week. Children can do as little or as many days each week as a parent decides. Playschool runs on the same term time as Primary Schools within the area. Cost for Playschool is €15 per morning and this includes a nutritious homemade snack. Cost for 5 days per week is €70. Children do not need to be potty trained for playschool.


We offer a part time service of 5 hours per day for children 2 years and up to 5 years of age. Your child can attend playschool or preschool (ECCE Year) for up to 5 hours for only €10 extra per day. These 5 hours can be split during the morning or the afternoon. Depending on what hours you pick, breakfast or a home cooked dinner is included in this €10. One extra hour per day is €7.50


Our opening hours are 7am to 6.30pm daily. Your child can avail of as many days per week in full time care as required by the parent. Fees are paid weekly or monthly in advance. Please contact us for current pricing

All full time children are supplied with meals throughout the day, breakfast, morning snack, dinner, tea and an evening fruit bowl. Milk and Water are served at all our meal times.


We provide afterschool care all year round. Children can avail of before and after school service or full days when schools are closed. Our afterschool children are provided with a hot freshly prepared dinner each day on returning from school. Our staff also assist your child with their homework each evening and outdoor play is also encouraged to help your child unwind.

Rates for afterschool are €20 per day when your child is in school, €30 per day for a full day (eg Halloween, Christmas, easter etc) and €25 per full day during the summer months.