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Little Acorns Room (9 mths to 2 Years)

Our Little Acorns Room is designed to provide interactions with your child that provide stimulation, security and loving attention throughout the day. Infants grow and change at an astonishing rate during the first 2 years of their life.

As we observe your child approaching developmental milestones, we provide opportunities to support their growth. During our play times, we sing, read, and play games together.

Within our daily schedule, we follow your child’s home routine for nap times etc to ensure happy, healthy children. You will receive daily communication via a note book regarding your child’s day in crèche. Monthly observations are carried out on your child and recorded in their own folder.

Busy Bees Room (2 – 3 Years)

At this age your child’s brain, body and abilities continue to develop at a rapid pace. Our class provides an environment where sensory-motor exploration is combined with dramatic play, creative arts and fitness activities to meet every area of development.

Children need to move their bodies and they love to dance and sing. Walking, running and climbing on our outdoor play areas are favourite activities.

Children will begin to form closer attachments with friends within their class. They become more interested in group activities. Language and social skills develop more and role play is also introduced. Again monthly observations are carried out on your child and recorded in their own folder.

Little Wizards Room (3 – 4 Years)

As Little Wizards, your child gains more self-esteem, they feel ready to take on the world. This class introduces the first year of the ECCE Scheme curriculum to your child and begins to enhance confidence by providing activities to help your child become a problem solver and develop a love of lifelong learning.

“Play” is the “work” of your child in this class and you child does a lot of “work”. The environment is set up with varying areas of interest encouraging hands on learning, creativity, confidence, independence, social and emotional development, and all through play learning. Again monthly observations are carried out on your child and recorded in their own folder.

Preschoolers / Montessori (4 – 5 Years)

This class provides children with their last year of the ECCE Scheme, prior to them starting Primary School. Our Aistear Curriculum continues to help your child learn through “play” while also incorporating some of Montessori methods.

Attention is paid to all developmental milestones

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Language
  • Emotional
  • Social

Numbers, letters, shapes are more formally introduced during this year. Children learn through “play”, they explore, try new things, problem solve, show independence which prepares them for the next step in their education. Your child’s Preschool Journey is recorded in a journal, filled with pictures, monthly activities carried out etc.


Our afterschool club runs all year round. Children can be dropped to crèche for breakfast (before 8.15am) in the morning and return after school. A separate bus company operates a drop off and collection from the primary schools.

On returning from school children are provided with a homemade hot dinner, in line with The HSE Nutrition Guide. Time is allocated to assist children with their homework and then we encourage outside / free play time for your child to unwind after school.

3 Outdoor Play Areas / Outdoor Classroom

Bright Beginnings Crèche has 3 outdoor play areas. Our main back play area has a sponged surface and astro turf. This area is equipped with slides, toy cars, a climbing frame, football goal posts and other outdoor toys.

Our Holistic Garden / Outdoor Classroom encourages children to plant flowers and vegetables during the year. This play area is very sensory with a stone and grass surface, herb patch, apple trees, willow entrance and 6 large planting boxes. The outdoor classroom is completely covered in so children can enjoy sand / muck / water play throughout the year, rain or shine. This garden also includes a giant checkers board, outside chalk boards and an outside play kitchen for children.

Our Side Play Area has a tarmac surface and this area is used for mapping out rules of the road, with toy cars and traffic signals laid out. Children also use the tarmac surface for chalk play and map out imaginary roads etc. Sand and water play is also in place here.